Our Rooms

Located in the center of Rome, we decided to dedicate the rooms at The Pope’s Window to five imaginary places, all linked to the idea of a journey: Itaca, Utopia, Arcadia, Shangri-la, Neverland. We narrated each of these places via an explosion of words, which enter every room through our ideal “windows”.
Words with which we invite our guests to enjoj, allowing oneself to be pulled via one’s imagination, to seek new lands, with the aim of giving each place the form that most resembles one’s ideal trip; our rooms in the center of Rome undertake an imaginary journey!


Ithaca, meaning, reason and half destination of each trip. The destination of the most famous journey of all time, the journey of Odysseus. Metaphor for the path that every man takes. It is the journey that matters, it’s the journey that allows you to increase knowledge and experience. Ithaca is only half apparent. In reality, it actually provides motivation and stimulus to travel, to know and to learn.


Utopia, meaning imaginary place and perfect society. A place that is never really accessible, but necessary. It is the strive for perfection to make us better. The journey to Utopia never ends, Utopia is an ideal never reached, but it is an essential journey. Because only attempting to reach Utopia makes us better men.


Arcadia, the idyllic surroundings, the ideal place for a pleasant life where beauty and love prevail. Region inhabited by shepherds-poets, where a generous nature provides everything you need to give to man. The mythical Arcadian land, a fabulous world in which one refuges to find harmony with nature and to live in freedom, one’s own existence.


Shangri-La, an imaginary place enclosed in a valley between the peaks of the Himalayas. Stunning and legendary scenery, inhabited by a perfect community where human weaknesses are banned. A material and spiritual Eden in which human efforts are aimed only at the inner evolutional conception of science and art.


Neverland, a fantasy island populated by fairies, elves and talking animals, surrounded by coral reefs beyond which pirates ships are anchored to. The product of the imagination of every child, the map of his dreams. Adventures in every corner, to live without interruptions. A journey in search of dreams and fantasies, in a place where you can find your inner child.